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This chat will profile, present intelligence, and record actors that attacked my ICS honeypot setting. This chat will likely element a demo from the attackers in progress, exfiltrating perceived sensitive data.

For the duration of our work on OWASP-EAS subproject, we gathered prime ten essential spots (much like most of the business enterprise apps), so We're going to present a solid strategy for pentesting People types of systems.

We unveiled the DropSmack Resource at Blackhat EU. This showed company defenders the hazards posed by cloud synchronization software package and gave pen testers a fresh toy to Participate in with (you'll be able to guess that pen testers weren’t the only kinds who seen).

Hence as our first endeavor in direction of solving this issue, we wish to take a look at JSPrime: A javascript static Investigation Resource for the rest of us. It can be a very gentle-bodyweight and very simple to operate position-and-simply click Device! The static Investigation tool relies over the very popular Esprima ECMAScript parser by Aria Hidayat.

This presentation introduces anti-forensic techniques exploiting vulnerabilities of the element embedded in forensic software program.

This talk chronicles technique of Discovering these challenges by way of a realistic physical exercise in reverse engineering. Experience the tribulations with reversing Thunderbolt chips, have an understanding of the assault tactics for exploiting DMA and find out the pitfalls just one encounters alongside the way in which, though getting a further understanding of the threats of the new element.

Neither recognizing if they're as secure as IBM (and mainframers) claim or when they're ripe with configuration issues willing to be exploited. This communicate will take out a number of the thriller surrounding the mainframe, breaking down that 'legacy wall.' Speaking about how security is executed over the mainframe (including where by to seek out configuration data files), how you can entry it, simple networking and configuration instructions, file framework etcetera. might be introduced at this session.

We then repeat all attack eventualities presented in the main demo against Symbiote defended devices to demonstrate serious-time detection, alerting and mitigation of all malicious embedded implants utilized by our PoC worm. And lastly, we exhibit the scalability and integration of Symbiote detection and alerting mechanisms into present company endpoint defense systems like Symantec Close Level.

We will demonstrate Every single of such techniques utilizing the serious illustrations that led to our discovery of bugs during the e1000 and eepro100 virtual devices. We count on this speak with entice a conventional OS security audience as well as people thinking about new testing techniques for cloud environments.

During this communicate, the basic framework on the Font Scaler engine is going to be reviewed. This consists of the conversion of the outline right into a bitmap, the mathematical description of every glyph in an define font, a set of instruction in Just about every glyph that instruct the Font Scaler Motor to modify The form from the glyph, as well as the instruction interpreter and so on.

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We establish rational World-wide-web software flaws which can be exploited by TLS truncation attacks to desynchronize the consumer- and server-perspective of the software's condition. It follows promptly that servers may well make Wrong assumptions about people, wikipedia reference that's why, the flaw constitutes a security vulnerability.

Sensor networks involve large figures of sensor nodes with confined components capabilities, And so the distribution and revocation of keys is just not a trivial process.

While novel operate has actually been performed by both equally private business and academia with regard to detecting DGA-relevant network targeted traffic, this presentation demonstrates end-to-conclusion Assessment of the DGA malware family, from binary deobfuscation to DGA analysis, to sinkholing, to area registrant investigation, to attribution with the malware’s creator and accomplices.

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